Doing it yourself won’t always get it done

CRM! Your customers demand it and your business operations can’t grow without it.
So you go online to check out the wide range of solutions offered for download or off the shelf. The options and questions posed by your research can be overwhelming:

  • How do you get the biggest bang for your budget?
  • Do you have the internal expertise to learn CRM software AND make it perform so it maximizes efficiency and profitability?
  • How do you leverage the potential of CRM for different customer segments?
  • How do you develop a strategy that works with your people and positively impacts your business processes?
  • What’s next? How do you best create a program that can grow along with your business?

No worries! You don’t have to go it alone or reinvent the wheel

At Altimum, we’ve designed and deployed hundreds of successful CRM programs over the years. We’ve worked with all of the major technologies and software platforms across a wide range of industries. Tapping into this expertise pays off for our clients with rapid, trouble and frustration-free deployments that get it right the first time and keep them ahead of the game.

 That’s right, it’s not all about software!

Altimum consultation and training covers a range of interrelated topics and skills necessary for implementing an effective CRM strategy. Business operations, corporate culture, approaches to customer service are all part of the picture.

Customer Strategy

How best to relate to your customer base and individual customer segments.

Vision & Strategy

Our consultants can facilitate sessions to help you develop a clear customer vision that includes strategies for attracting, serving, and retaining customers.


Our consultants can work with your teams to line them up behind your customer vision and strategy. The goal: to create a positive experience that keeps customers coming back.

Customer experience

If you do not fulfill your promises in ways your customers value, they won’t return. Our consultants can help ensure that your approach to customer experience builds satisfaction, loyalty, and TRUST in your brand.

Employee Engagement

Technology enables employees to succeed in their jobs. It should maximize efficiency, solidify commitment and unleash enthusiasm

Stakeholder Engagement

CRM succeeds when key stakeholders enthusiastically buy into the program. Our consultants can work directly with your teams to enlist adoption and adapt strategies tailored to your employee and customer needs.

Empower & Embolden

We will help your teams utilize the power of CRM to make timely and proactive decisions that increase sales and enhance customer experience.


Our coaches don’t replace your in-house talent; they augment their skill set. Developing talent and team building according to your priorities and employee needs is what we’re all about!

CRM Technology Integration

Technology is only as good as the processes supporting it. Optimizing your processes with a new CRM program gets you going fast with minimal error, frustration and cost.

Process Optimization

CRM implementation is a great time to revisit operational processes. Our consultants can work with you to build on what is already in place optimizing processes for effectiveness, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Identify Root Causes

Operational pain points can drain team members of motivation and creativity, drive customers to the competition and bleed your financial resources as problems resurface.Our consultants uncover root causes of pain points to develop lasting solutions.

Cultural Impact

Adopt a culture that embraces a new CRM strategy.

Culture and Change Assessment

Our consultants can assess your corporate culture and make recommendations to mitigate risks that can impact a new CRM strategy.

Customer Centricity

Your entire organization must be aligned to support a customer-centric vision both in attitude and practice. The extent to which your company attracts, serves and retains customers is what drives profits and growth.