CRM is a business strategy that unleashes hidden potential within an organization, maximizes sales and improves customer retention and TRUST. The best CRM strategies fit the unique visions of businesses reflecting their ambitions and dovetailing with their operational models and corporate cultures.

Your perspective comes first! Customizing a CRM strategy

As we begin to work with you, we will want to understand your customers and business operations. Based on our initial consultation we will prepare a proposal designed to join the most appropriate CRM software with your current needs and future ambitions while anticipating adjustments to your business processes and organizational culture.

If a more in-depth analysis is necessary, we will schedule a discovery, which may include a combination of questionnaires, interviews, assessments or observations that will culminate in a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.

All stakeholders need to have a seat at the CRM table

Management, sales, customer service, marketing, IT, and field service teams should be aligned early in the process to capture needs and ensure buy in. Early involvement of all stakeholders will create momentum, encourage commitment throughout the different stages of the project and ensure universal adoption of a powerful customer relationship management program.

There is no universal CRM strategy or software for every organization

Each one of your customer segments must be identified and prioritized according to their potential for profit and growth. Habituating your organization to the acquisition of pertinent customer intelligence is a big part of unleashing the profit potential of your CRM software.

One size definitely does not fit all!

We will guide you through the myriad software solutions on the market. That means taking into consideration the specific needs of your customers, the software features and functionalities your business requires, compliance concerns and other industry-specific needs.

Accessibility, mobility, and ease of connectivity with other applications and third party data are critical considerations specific to each individual business. And rest assured we understand the cloud.

You wouldn’t download your business strategy from the cloud or buy it off the shelf, so why trust your CRM strategy to a pre-packaged “solution”?

Whether we guide you to a new software solution or help you better integrate your current software into your business model, you won’t have to allocate time and resources to figure out how to make your technology work for you. Instead we’ll get you moving as quickly and as profitably as possible. And we will make sure that your software is perfectly synchronized with all the moving parts of your CRM strategy.