Digital Transformation. What It Is & Why You Should Care.

There is much confusion about what digital transformation really means and why it is so vital. Digital transformation refers to customer-driven strategic initiatives that induce whole-system change and are supported by digital technologies. Some of the technologies driving these changes include IoT (internet of [...]

Digital Transformation. What It Is & Why You Should Care.2019-04-01T15:50:17-04:00

To Change, or Not to Change? – Part 1

Far too many companies are ignoring the need to adapt to change. The reasons may all be valid; high costs, work disruption, periods of chaos, past successes, resistance, fear, etc. But in the current competitive environment, an organization’s ability to adapt to change is [...]

To Change, or Not to Change? – Part 12019-04-01T15:54:03-04:00

Industry 4.0: Hype or Revolutionary?

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution. Where Industry 3.0 revolved around the automation of individual machines and processes, Industry 4.0 focuses on the digitization and networking of new technologies to create value. Technologies include mobile devices, cloud computing, IoT platforms, big [...]

Industry 4.0: Hype or Revolutionary?2019-04-01T15:57:17-04:00

Don’t Let Status Quo Kill Your Business.

Death by status quo is a slow, painful death. Some people will say that they welcome change but for most, predictability is more desirable. Status quo provides a comfort zone where people experience security, stability, the known, the easy path. But that is an [...]

Don’t Let Status Quo Kill Your Business.2019-04-01T16:02:15-04:00

Three Pillars for Strengthening Organizations

There are three main pillars that keep an organization strong. Though some may seem obvious, far too many companies don’t realize which pillar is weakening their potential and what to do to improve results. Visionary leadership, employee engagement, and customer centricity, steeped in a [...]

Three Pillars for Strengthening Organizations2019-04-01T16:04:25-04:00