Master The Art
of Challenging
The Status Quo.

Altimum reduces the uncertainty and stress
of organization change and digital transformation.

Discover the SQS methodology

Stay ahead of the
manufacturing curve.

Learn how Industry 4.0 is automating for record results.

Discover industry 4.0

We believe change
inspires growth.
We are the change
for organizations.

Dare to unveil your blind spots
& achieve your full business potential.

Unveil my blindspots

At Altimum IMS we believe…
PEOPLE create organization success.
TECHNOLOGY drives operational success.
STRATEGY delivers project success.

We are Digital Transformation Strategists
who excel at harmonizing these fundamentals
to achieve Altimum RESULTS

Altimum IMS helps businesses achieve their unique potential.

We connect at a deeper level. We believe organizational well-being  is the root of success.

Choose a partner who is equitable in your growth.

Altimum IMS creates digital transformation success stories.

We align your leaders and their teams on the execution of strategies tailored to your business.

We transform strategies into tangible results.

Altimum ims is dedicated to strengthening organizations.

We work with businesses to unveil blind spots and to take actions that achieve results.

Exit your comfort zone and get a fresh perspective.

I felt that we could put our trust in Altimum. Thanks to Paola and Robert we are better organized and are now truly centered on customer satisfaction. Their efforts were successful as they worked in close collaboration with employees from different departments.

Yacine Brikci, ZENSOL

We have been working with Robert for almost 7 years now, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. Robert has the natural ability to understand our needs and to meet these needs effectively. What we really appreciate is the flexibility to make changes as our business requirements grow. We absolutely made the right choice when we decided to work with you.

Nathalie Drouin, STCD

We create solutions
for your:

  • Org effectiveness

  • Leadership

  • Business Development Strategies

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Technology: CRM, ERP, EMS,BPM, BI

  • Water cooler talk


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