Growth oriented team building
and leadership

Designating an internal team to LEAD THE PROJECT ensures that all elements of your project are successfully deployed on time and in-line with the roadmap. Training and ongoing coaching are key to making sure all stakeholders are able to utilize the full potential of a new software and CRM strategy not just during deployment but also as your organization grows and the business environment changes.

The pilot

Once needs and goals are identified we conduct a pilot with a cross-section of users. The pilot tests the system, supplies critical feedback, identifies and resolves unforeseen issues and provides necessary adjustments to the rollout. Once the pilot period is completed and all the right elements are in place, CRM is deployed to the entire organization.

Embracing CHANGE: handling the impact on your organization

If you’re new to CRM your world will change.

If you have an existing CRM strategy that’s not delivering to your expectations, managing the people side will pose new challenges.

Effective change management requires readiness assessments, communication planning, coaching and training. As you continue down the road, data collection and feedback will inform the need for course correction as you transform your organization to better serve your customers.

Transitions can be tough. So making sure your project deploys SEAMLESSLY with no negative impact on customers and employees while increasing productivity is all part of change management.