President and Integration Strategist

Challenging The Status Quo
To Ignite Organizational Growth

You ask why? I say why not?
I’ve always questioned the “How” and the “Why” we do the things we do.

Statements like “That’s the way it’s always been done” and “Don’t question it, just do it,” or “Why would it be better any other way?” never sit well with me. In these statements I hear, “Robert I dare you to prove it isn’t so.”

I’ve always been drawn to “What’s behind door number two?”
I’ve done things that weren’t mainstream, things sometimes referred to as unconventional. I believe that to live the full experience one must open new doors. To truly understand and appreciate who we are, not only as individuals but as a collective and as establishments, we must question and validate on a regular basis. To grow we must step outside the limits of our comfort zone. We must be vulnerable before we can be strong.

Some say I’m like a chameleon, adapting to changing landscapes and sharing insights that help businesses reinvent themselves. I’ve built my reputation on provoking people to discover how to improve. The ultimate question is not about what’s right or wrong, but “What’s right for me at this moment in time?” I live my life this way, run my business this way, and support my clients this way.

It’s my nature to “Shake the tree,” “Rock the boat,” “Think outside the box.”
So if you ask me “Why?” I’ll say, “Why NOT Dare to Challenge the Status Quo!”